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Peg [userpic]
Eee! Drabble!
by Peg (bronze_ribbons)
at April 20th, 2006 (11:44 pm)

current mood: mischievous

Happy birthday, Flora!

[100 words, pre-SS/RL.]


“Lupin, you look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I just did, Severus.” The werewolf downed his shot of firewhisky in a single gulp.

Snape raised a brow. “Given how many of them there are around Hogwarts, seeing a ghost shouldn’t have you looking like one.”

“Not even if the ghost is your former lover fist-deep in Draco Malfoy?”

Snape casually sipped his wine. “Lucius or Charlie?”

Lupin narrowed his eyes. “Why are you not surprised?”

“Weasley and I were ultimately incompatible. He likes to tame his partners.”


Snape placed his hand on Lupin’s neck. “And so do I.”


Posted by: Sometimes You Get Marshmallows (florahart)
Posted at: April 21st, 2006 05:13 am (UTC)

Eee! *loves*

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